Nutrition & Hydration


Nutrition & Hydration

Home-style, healthy cooking!

We have a dedicated, onsite cook who uses fresh, quality ingredients to make delicious meals from scratch. At all times, we avoid foods which are highly-processed and those which are high in salt, refined sugar and excessive fat.

Our menus are devised with guidance from nutritionists to meet all daily nutritional requirements as listed in Canada’s Food Guide. Vegetarian alternatives and accommodations for children with allergies are always accounted for. Morning snack is served between 8:30 to 9:00 am, which is a supplement to the breakfast your child should receive at home. A wholesome, well-balanced meal is provided at lunch time and afternoon snack is served after rest time. It is our policy to offer children drinks that encourage good dental health; we therefore offer children a choice of milk or water.

Our menu for all meals, including snacks, are posted in the main halls and parents are welcome to comment on them.