Our School


Our School

We believe that children deserve a safe and secure environment surrounded by the comforts of home and our school setting offers just that. One visit to Summerhill and you will feel the friendliness and warmth of our School! We are situated on a half acre of property in a residential neighbourhood and we operate out of a large, converted ranch. Parents tell us it feels like home!

Our facility meets the needs of busy parents while at the same time respecting Summerhill’s philosophy of early childhood education. The design of the school has the well being of the students and staff at the forefront. Parents can feel confident that we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the highest levels of safety and security throughout our facility.

A glance inside our classrooms reveals richly equipped learning centres based on well-researched early childhood learning philosophies, children actively involved in the learning process and teachers who respond to students’ individual needs by guiding and supporting them in their development.

Summerhill’s unwavering commitment to the environment is implemented in our daily practices with the children, encouraging a stronger sense of awareness and responsibility.