Our Programs


Our Programs

We believe children thrive when they are in a stimulating environment, where they have freedom to make positive choices and learn through active play, both indoors and out. In each of our programs, a large emphasis is placed on the physical environment and the type of learning activities offered.  We select learning materials which are natural, realistic, diverse and encourage children to develop their creativity, inquiry and exploration skills, as well as their emergent literacy and numeracy skills. Through continual observation and reflection on children’s learning and stage of development, our teachers are able to plan for rich learning experiences that provide the foundation for lifelong learning.

At Summerhill, your child will develop into a happy, confident learner who is ready for learning in the school system. Our dedicated, passionate and loving teachers will nuture your child’s mind, body, and heart.

Young Toddlers

The Young Toddlers program accommodates children between the ages of 16 months and 2 and a half years. In this program, we maintain a class size of 12 with three staff members, honouring a 1:4 ratio. Our ECE teachers plan their program carefully to ensure a balanced day. In this classroom, the play space allows for wet and messy play, quiet time, puzzles and many other activities. Young Toddlers learn through the exploration of creative, sensory, science, blocks, floor and table toys and dramatic centre experiences.  Structured learning, including circle times and the integration of Montessori’s practical life activities , is combined with child-directed play and exploration as well as socialization opportunities. An introduction to toilet learning and self-help skills is also part of a Young Toddler’s day.

Junior Preschool (Full Day Introduction to JK/SK Preparatory Program)

Children between the ages of approximately 2.5 and 3.5 years are accommodated in our Junior Preschool classroom, respecting a ratio of 1:7. Children in this group start to enjoy a more structured day and are guided to become more independent. This includes toilet learning, learning to put coats and shoes on and off, and serving themselves at meal times! The classroom is fully equipped with a dramatic centre, arts & crafts station, building blocks and many other open-ended and natural learning materials. The Junior Preschool program encourages and promotes play and self exploration with gentle guidance and direction from their teachers. Children will be in involved in experiences and activities that focus on language development, early math concepts, gross and fine motor skills as well as creative arts and expression. Structured programs of Montessori (for practical life skills and early math concepts), Jolly Phonics (for literacy development) and Second Step (for social-emotional learning) are implemented in the program along with an introduction to French through songs and interactive circle times.

Senior Preschool (Full Day JK/SK Preparatory Program)

The Senior Preschool program offers 3 to 4 year olds an opportunity to learn through play, exploration and inquiry, within the context of a structured classroom day of routines and independence building opportunities. Children work on further developing their logical-mathematical thinking, literacy and inquiry skills and are involved in both creative and physical activities to strengthen fine and gross motor skills.  Open-ended, child-directed learning is balanced by the integration of the Montessori, Jolly Phonics and Second Step curricula, with extensions that challenge children to further learn and develop. Introductory French is also an integral part of the program, where children enjoy learning through songs and interactive circle times.

Nursery School Program (Morning JK/SK Preparatory Program)

Our Nursery School program runs from 9:30 am-12 pm, two, three or five mornings per week, for children aged approximately 2.5-4 years.  This program exposes children to a classroom based environment with opportunities to develop their independence, that will help prepare and ready them for JK/SK. Formal learning times, including Montessori lessons, the Jolly Phonics program for literacy development and the Second Step program for social-emotional development are complimented by opportunities to learn through co-operative play with their peers and teachers. This program is based on the same philosophy as our full day Junior and Senior Preschool classrooms.

Before & After School Program

Parents continue to choose Summerhill for their Before & After School needs because of the convenient and healthy walking service and small, calm classroom setting. Coming to Summerhill is a change of environment for children and a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with new friends. While children are at Summerhill, they are provided with refreshments and healthy snacks and given opportunities to participate in fun learning activities, outdoor time and play-based learning time. This program is available to and from CH Norton Elementary School.

Summerhill Camp Programs

Whether your needs are for Halton Elementary PD Days, Summer, March break, or Winter break, Summerhill offers well organized programs designed to encourage, inspire, motivate and above all, care for your child! Our friendly, energetic and creative staff design enriching activities for children who have completed kindergarten through those entering fourth grade. The recreational summer day camps are available on a weekly basis. Our opening time is 7am and we close at 6pm. (Camps officially start at 9am and continue until 4pm). There are no additional charges between 7-9am or 4-6pm. We provide a school age program of fun adventures, activities, field trips, quality supervision, and a chance to meet new friends. At Summerhill Camp, your child will be provided with a mid-morning snack, a nutritious meal and an afternoon snack. All of our foods are a “healthy choice”, natural and whole grain, which are unprocessed, and made fresh daily. We offer a nut-safe environment and can cater to special needs, for children with allergies or food restrictions. With fun at the forefront of our minds, our Camps are sure to excite and provide challenge and adventure for your child! Why not let your child come and explore with us?